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Spot Gloss UV

The term ‘spot gloss’ refers to a type of UV coating that creates a glossy finish on specific areas of a surface. This is achieved through the use of specialized equipment and UV Inks. It is most commonly used to create striking effects on packaging, promotional material, and signage.

  • Clear coating

  • Ideal for exposure of logos, brand names, and other key information

  • Provides a durable, glossy finish

  • Provides superior protection against dirt, grease, and fingerprints

  • Fast drying times

We offer a range of materials and special finishes which you can use to create custom boxes that suit your brand. From the hardwearing corrugated cardboard, to the rustic kraft paper or cardstock as an alternative, we have options for each product you make. For an elegant touch, we have various special finishes including matte or glossy lamination, embossing or debossing for additional textures and foil stamping for luxurious look while spot UV coating will emphasize on some specific elements. With die-cutting facilities in place, one has even greater freedom of creating unique presentations through making custom shapes and windows. Our customized packaging options will take your brand to the next level and ensure it remains unforgettable.

Gloss UV is a type of UV coating often used on cosmetics, food, and different kinds of packaging boxes. It is an ink that is applied to a specific area of a design by using ultraviolet light. This process allows the logo to be glossary onto the surface of the packaging without affecting the color of the product inside.